Are you looking for work? Are you tired of going from one interview to another, with no success in sight? Job hunting can be a tough experience. It requires a great deal of patience and perseverance to succeed when it comes to finding a good career option or a rewarding job.

If you’re looking for a job and having a hard time finding work, you may want to consider working with a temporary agency. Some temp agencies only hire temporary workers. Others, such as an employment agency or staffing agency help people find temp work, contract work or direct hire positions.

There are numerous benefits to using a staffing agency or temp agency to find a job. There are many reasons a person may seek out temp work.  Some of these objectives may include working for a short term to make some extra money; income while waiting for full-time employment; trying out a new career path; assisting a company during a busy season; on-the-job training and experience for future job pursuits; or temp-to-hire opportunities.

The good news is that staffing agencies today no longer only specialize in entry-level temp work. They are hired by companies in various industries in need of skilled and unskilled labor. There are many management and executive opportunities found through an employment agency. Job seekers are connected with truly amazing employers, interesting opportunities, good pay, and full-time work. Temp agencies have several advantages over traditional job searches. Read on to explore the advantages of using a staffing agency when looking for a job.


1. No Cost to the Job Seeker

As a job seeker, you may be wondering how much a staffing agency will cost you.  The good news is most employment agencies, such as Complete Logistical Services do not charge the applicant.  The fees are paid by the hiring company.


2. Partner in Your Job Search

When you’re searching for a new opportunity, temp agencies can be your best partner in the job search. The agency has access to multiple companies and job openings. Your recruiter will learn more about your work history, job skills, and your employment goals. This information will help match you to jobs that meet your needs.


3. Saves Time in Your Job Search

Do you want to look for a job without having to spend hours sifting through Indeed, ZipRecruiter or LinkedIn? Working through an employment agency is very different from conducting your own job search. A temp agency is more convenient and saves you time by introducing you to job vacancies and doing all the legwork for you. They can put you in touch with a wide range of companies, so you don’t have to spend hours researching potential employers on your own. Plus, you don’t need to make introductory calls or send emails yourself.


4. Pathway to a Full-time Job

Many employers use temporary assignments as steppingstones for a full-time job. Temp work is a perfect chance to show off your talent and prove yourself. If you do well and get along with coworkers, there’s more of a chance you’ll get hired full-time when there’s an opening.


5. Choose the Job and Terms of Your Work Schedule

Another good thing about a staffing agency is that you can choose the job opportunities that fit your schedule and job type.


6. Match with a Company That Needs Your Specific Skills

Temp agencies are usually more than happy to help you find the right fit for your career and find work that fits your specific skill set. Having a role that fits your skills and interests can be fulfilling and productive. In a temp job, you can refine your existing skills and develop new skill sets for your future career.


7. Try Out a Company Without a Long-term Commitment

When you sign up with a temp agency, it’s a good opportunity to try out an employer or a job type without a long-term commitment.  You will get a first-hand experience in company culture and job expectations. This way, you can decide if it’s right for you.


8. Find the Position You Like

For those, such as recent graduates, who struggle with deciding on a career path, temp work is an excellent opportunity to try out different positions.  It may be a productive way to figure out your long-term career move. You can work in different short-term jobs in various fields to better determine which ones best fit your personality and skills.


9. Higher Pay and Training

Many people think that staffing agencies pay lower salaries. However, many agencies nowadays offer temp work, contract work, temp-to-hire, and direct hire positions that pay well. Many companies offer on-the-job training and will work with you to obtain necessary certifications for advancement.


Leverage a Staffing Agency Today

Temp agencies like Complete Logistical Services (CLS) make it easy for job seekers to find a job in a diverse range of companies with flexibility and a chance for a permanent job. We strive to be the best staffing agency for workers that want to find work they enjoy and love.

Our agency offers temporary staffing, contract staffing, temp-to-hire staffing, and permanent placements. If you need help finding a job or a career, please let us know. We can help you get started in the direction of your dreams. Get to work fast. Browse our job openings or upload a resume. Our recruiters will respond in one business day.