Explore Construction Jobs and Careers with CLS

Whether you are interested in working in the construction industry or hiring skilled and entry level construction professionals, Complete Logistical Services offers quick, easy placement options.

Hire a Commercial Construction Professional

When it comes to civil or commercial construction jobs, you need a crew that you can trust. For dependable, experienced construction staff, request talent through Complete Logistical Services. Our extensive screening process ensures you get some of the best professionals in the industry recommended for your next big project.

experienced commercial construction staff, request talent through Complete Logistical Services
designing, building, or renovating commercial structures, such as restaurants, medical facilities, retail and grocery stores, industrial structures, accommodations, and sports facilities

Civil and Commercial Construction Employment Options

Working in civil and commercial construction is a highly rewarding field. It involves designing, building, or renovating. There are multiple temporary and permanent positions in the construction industry. Apply for your next civil or commercial construction position through Complete Logistical Services. Browse our job openings today!

Fill the Staffing Gap in Construction Jobs

Whether you trying to find a job or a company looking for talent, finding the right fit is important to the hiring manager and the applicant. Both take a tremendous amount of research and time. Skilled and adequate labor is critical in keeping to your civil or commercial construction schedule. It is more important than ever to fill the staffing gap with qualified temporary workers, part-time workers or full-time direct hires.

CLS has staffing solutions for employers and job seekers alike. Employers, leave the job interviews, background checks, and screenings to your staffing partner. We will do the time- consuming tasks to fill your open construction jobs. Whether you are looking for temporary help or long-term employees, our experts can assist you FIND TALENT.

Applicants, start your construction job search with CLS. Our recruiters will review your experience. career goals, and work with you to find the best job placement that meets your skills. Start your JOB SEARCH with CLS.

Find Construction Jobs Near Me

How many years of experience do you need for a construction job? From entry level to highly trained professionals, CLS matches qualified civil and commercial construction applicants with the right fit in industries around the world. Some of the top construction careers we place are the following:

  • Civil Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Building Services Engineer
  • Geotechnical Engineer
  • Architect
  • Construction Management
  • General Contractor
  • Construction Worker
  • Electrician
  • Surveyor
  • Project Manager
  • Estimator
  • Project Planner

Waylon and the operations staff at CLS are always ready to help with your crewing needs… I appreciate CLS helping me with my staffing and crewing needs.

Fallon Dominique
Client HR Manager

The staff CLS provided did very well for us! He was engaged in the crew and was a good coach. We will definitely fill out for him next time we need a job filled.

Installation Superintendent

CLS is always on the hook for my diving personnel needs. Even when I call on a Friday afternoon at 4:50 p.m. I am reassured by their professionalism and can-do attitude, along with their timely response to my personnel needs. I appreciate their support each and every time I am in need of Diving personnel for my jobs.

Area Manager
International Diving Company

Thanks for always finding work for us to support ourselves and families, especially in these times.

Matthew F.

I am always amazed at the CLS Team. They respond within minutes to any personnel requests that I email out. Even when I email the requests out at 10:30pm, I can count on someone to respond and support my vessel needs. The CLS Team is truly on the hook for me as a client 24/7.

Client HR Business Partner

I have mates covered. I am only needing the engineer. You guys rock by the way!

Operations Coordinator
Energy Company

You’ve been nothing but spectacular when dealing with everything. So I thank you tremendously for that.

Dive Tender
Maritime Client

I have to tell you that almost every body in your office was sincerely trying their best to help me in this regard, and I am so grateful to all of you.

Trip Captain
Maritime Client