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Whether you are interested in working in the oil and gas field or hiring skilled oilfield rig drillers, drilling engineers, pipeline engineers, or offshore maintenance technicians, Complete Logistical Services offers quick, easy placement options. Start your oil field jobs search here. Oil & Gas job opportunities.

Hire an Oil and Gas Professional

If your company is searching for oil and gas labor for permanent or contract work, Complete Logistical Services has plenty of options for your oil and gas company. Whether you are in need of an oil rig driller, a drilling engineer, a production engineer, or an offshore maintenance technician, CLS will help you find the perfect staff to fill your open oilfield jobs.

Complete Logistical Services has plenty of options for you to choose from in your search for talented oil and gas professionals
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Oil and Gas Employment Options

Oil field jobs, which include oil and gas jobs, require the work of highly trained, motivated professionals. Whether you are new to the oil and gas industry or an experienced veteran, find your next oil and gas job through CLS. We place contract labor and permanent full time positions with reputable oil and gas companies across the nation. Look forward to great travel opportunities and benefits when you apply with CLS. Browse the CLS Oil Field Job Openings today!

Best Paying Jobs in Oil & Gas Production

The oil and gas sector is one of the largest business industries, supporting millions of jobs across the United States. It makes a significant contribution to lowering consumer energy bills and ensuring the security of our energy.

Oil field labor and gas jobs are one of the best paying jobs available. In addition, workers in the oil and gas industry are always acquiring new skills and face great opportunities to grow. Because of the constant growth of technology, workers have the opportunity to develop new skills and expand their knowledge of the industry.

How To Become an Oil and Gas Worker

The oil and gas business offers a wide range of jobs, regardless of experience level. The positions that require little or no experience are considered entry-level. A four-year degree is not necessary for the basic schooling requirements. In addition, you must have a few fundamental physical abilities to actively carry out your obligations. The good thing is that entry into this field is not usually reliant on a college degree or prior professional experience.

You simply need to have a strong work ethic and start at the bottom and climb the ladder. Although they can seem difficult, the gas and oilfield jobs are among the highest-paying careers.

There are also many opportunities for college educated and skilled labor in the oil and gas industry. Positions such as engineers, captains, welders and other skilled positions receive top pay.

Regardless of your position or skill level, there are a number of credentials you will need to work offshore or inshore in the oil and gas industry. Ask a CLS recruiter for more details.

Job Seekers: Find Oil and Gas Jobs

As the world’s main fuel sources, oil and natural gas are significant players in the energy sector and have an impact on the global economy. In the United States, there are many work opportunities due to the expanding number of oil and gas corporations and the continued strong energy demand. At Complete Logistical Services, we can help you match your qualifications with a variety of positions in oil and gas jobs.

Regardless of your experience level or whether you are looking for a temporary or full-time role, CLS is prepared to help you find oilfield jobs. The best part is that there are no fees associated with your job search or placement with us.

Oil and Gas Companies: Find Staff

We at Complete Logistical Services can provide you with the knowledge, expertise, and personnel you need if you are in charge of an oil and gas company and are searching for talented and highly qualified candidates. Our high-caliber recruiters will go to work quickly to fill your open positions according to our high-standard approach. Leave it to CLS to handle the hiring process, including advertising open positions, locating qualified candidates, supervising preliminary interviews, completing all site-specific tests, and organizing all necessary safety training before beginning work onsite.

How Many Jobs are Available in Oil & Gas Production?

U.S. Oil and Gas jobs have fluctuated greatly throughout the years depending on the amount of national oil and gas production, as well as the cost of these raw materials. Regardless of these fluctuations, labor needs are always great with more than 5 percent of Americans regularly working in the industry. You can be confident knowing that CLS has a track record of supplying qualified candidates to fill open positions in the oil and gas industry, whether the need is contract labor, temporary work, or permanent full time staffing.

Types of Oil and Gas Jobs

Due to technological advancements, growing energy demands, and the shifting consumer behavior in today’s modern world, the oil and gas business has seen a significant transformation. For everyone who wants to work in the oil and gas industry, these changes are creating exciting new job opportunities. There are numerous types of oil and gas jobs available:

  • Subsea Engineers
  • Engineers
  • Qualified Member of the Engine Department (QMED)
  • Able Bodied Seaman
  • Ordinary Seaman
  • Riggers
  • ROV Technicians and Supervisors
  • Saturation Technicians and Supervisors
  • Welders
  • Mechanics
  • Electronics Technicians
  • Crane Operators
  • Floor Hands
  • Derrick Hands
  • Rig Operators
  • Roustabouts
  • Dynamic Position Operators
  • Captains (all tonnage)
  • Commercial Divers
  • Dive Tenders

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