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Whether you are interested in working in the manufacturing industry or hiring skilled professionals, Complete Logistical Services offers quick, easy placement options. Manufacturing jobs are in high demand. Start your search for jobs or talent here.

Hire a Manufacturing Professional

If you’re interested in working or hiring competent workers in the manufacturing sector, Complete Logistical Services can help. Job opportunities in the manufacturing industry are plentiful, and we have a variety of options for finding the right fit for you. Begin your manufacturing job or talent search right here.

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Manufacturing Employment Options

Due to the great demand for hardworking manufacturing workers around the country, new job opportunities are constantly available. Check out our current job openings if you’re in the market for a career change or want to work in the manufacturing industry. Our team will help you match with a job that perfectly fits your skills and experience.

How to Get a Manufacturing Job

Manufacturing has fueled the economy for decades, with about 1,000,000 job openings in 2021. There has never been a better opportunity to join this growing industry, with many organizations actively seeking new workers.

Here are some tips for getting a job in manufacturing:

  • Learn up-to-date technical skills: Workers will need to stay up to date on new tools and processes due to technological changes affecting entire production lines and workflows.
  • Make an effort to gain work experience: A traineeship, internship, job placement, or work shadowing are all examples of this type of experience.

Training and Education Required for a Manufacturing Job

Many jobs in manufacturing require only a high school diploma and the employer’s on-the-job training. Nevertheless, degree holders in engineering, science, technology, math, or a related field also have a wealth of opportunities. Certifications and training in areas like forklift driving, health and safety, and manual handling can also help in securing a job.

How a Staffing Agency Can Assist the Employer

At CLS, our staffing experts can help you find the right person for any manufacturing position, whether it’s a short-term or long-term arrangement. You only need to supply CLS with descriptions of each position you need to fill, along with the required skills, education, and experience. We will immediately start working to find the best candidates for your job vacancies.

You can rely on CLS to take care of the entire process, from promoting open positions to finding eligible candidates, holding preliminary interviews, completing all screenings needed by the company, and organizing all essential safety training before starting their first day.

CLS has a proven track record of filling available positions in manufacturing with suitable employees. Nevertheless, an employer has a right to interview and examine every potential candidate to see if they fit into their company’s culture and job requirements before hiring.

How a Staffing Agency Can Assist the Job Seeker

Manufacturing companies around the United States have a wide range of employment opportunities. If you’re looking for work in the manufacturing sector, CLS can help you find multiple open positions that match your qualifications. For your convenience, a single application can be used for many different job opportunities. Whether you’re looking for a short-term or long-term position, CLS can handle the hunt for you. To top it all off, there are no fees for either your job search or placement.

Types of Manufacturing Jobs

Manufacturing companies can rely on Complete Logistical Services to provide the best employees for their operations. No matter what your needs are, CLS can help you in assembling a capable and enthusiastic workforce.

Manufacturing companies employ a wide range of personnel at every level. Complete Logistical Services connects skilled manufacturing workers with the ideal employers. Here are some of the manufacturing jobs that we place:

General Labor

  • Assembler
  • Picker/Packer
  • Material Handler

Compliance or Operations

  • Inventory and Inventory Specialist
  • Quality Control
  • Estimator

Machine or Forklift Operator

  • Forklift Operator
  • Truck Loader or Unloader
  • Machinist

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