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Whether you are interested in hiring or working as an offshore professional for positions such as offshore oil rig jobs, offshore drilling jobs, offshore welding jobs, or offshore diving jobs, Complete Logistical Services offers quick, easy placement options. Start your search here.

Hire an Offshore Professional

The staff at Complete Logistical Services has a strong competitive insight into a rapidly changing industry. Offshore jobs are critical to ensure oil rigs and renewable energy platforms stay active all year long. Whether you are in need of offshore drilling workers, engineers, cooks, or more, our team of recruiters will work alongside your company to ensure you find the right maritime fit the first time.

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Offshore Employment Options

Companies across the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and around the Mississippi are in urgent need of offshore staff. For those looking for offshore jobs, CLS is committed to placing you with a company looking for your exact skill set. Whether you are looking for oil rig jobs, drilling jobs, welding jobs or another offshore career, the team at Complete Logistical Services will find the placement that’s right for you.

CLS – Offshore Staffing Agency

Complete Logistical Services (CLS) is an offshore staffing agency that is committed to helping offshore job seekers find employment in the offshore industry. We match qualified professionals to offshore positions in maritime, diving, and oil rig job opportunities.

CLS is the premier staffing solution for the Gulf Coast region and beyond. Our clients are some of the most reputable offshore companies in the world.

If you’re looking for an offshore job, look no further than CLS. We can help you find the perfect offshore job to match your skills and experience.

How To Get an Offshore Job

Offshore jobs are highly sought-after and competitive. To increase your chances of landing an offshore job, follow these tips:

  • Research the offshore industry and familiarize yourself with the various offshore jobs available.
  • Build a strong resume that highlights your relevant skills and experience.
  • Network with professionals in the offshore industry.
  • Attend offshore job fairs and industry events.
  • Create a profile on CLS’s offshore job board to receive notifications about new offshore job postings that match your skills and experience.

Ready to start your offshore career? Contact CLS today to get started. We look forward to helping you find the perfect offshore job opportunity!

Training and Education Required for Offshore Jobs

The offshore industry is a highly skilled and technical field. Many offshore jobs require specialized training and education.

Here are some of the most common offshore job requirements:

Some offshore jobs may require additional training, such as safety certification courses.

CLS can help you navigate the offshore job market and identify the training and education requirements for your desired offshore job.

How a Staffing Agency Can Assist the Employer

If you are an employer in the offshore industry, finding qualified offshore staff can be challenging. That’s where CLS comes in.

As a leading offshore staffing agency, we are dedicated to helping employers find the best offshore talent for their open positions. Find talent that will contribute to your organization’s success with CLS.

Whether you are looking for temporary staff, contract labor or full-time employees, CLS can assist you with all of your hiring needs. CLS screens and interviews offshore job candidates on your behalf so you can focus on running your business. We also provide comprehensive background checks and drug testing for all of our offshore job candidates.

When you partner with CLS, you can rest assured that you are hiring the best offshore staff. To learn more about our employer services, contact us today.

How a Staffing Agency Can Assist the Job Seeker

There are thousands of offshore careers available, but finding the right one for your skills and experience can be challenging. CLS is here to help.

As a leading offshore recruiting agency, we have connections with some of the best employers in the offshore industry.

CLS can help you find an offshore job that perfectly matches your skills, experience, and career goals. Hit the ground running in your offshore career with help from CLS. Contact us today to get started.

Types of Offshore Jobs

There are many different types of offshore jobs available. Some of the most popular offshore jobs include:

  • Roustabouts
  • Roughneck
  • Floorhand
  • Oil Rig Managers
  • Mud Loggers
  • Engineers
  • Commercial Divers
  • Welders
  • Drillers
  • Derrick
  • Toolpusher
  • Operators
  • Technicians
  • Electrician
  • Mechanic
  • Foreman
  • Safety Manager

If you’re looking for an offshore job or need labor to fill offshore positions, look no further than Complete Logistical Services. CLS has a wide variety of offshore job opportunities available. You can check out our offshore job board or contact us today to learn more about our current offshore job openings.

Waylon and the operations staff at CLS are always ready to help with your crewing needs… I appreciate CLS helping me with my staffing and crewing needs.

Fallon Dominique
Client HR Manager

The staff CLS provided did very well for us! He was engaged in the crew and was a good coach. We will definitely fill out for him next time we need a job filled.

Installation Superintendent

CLS is always on the hook for my diving personnel needs. Even when I call on a Friday afternoon at 4:50 p.m. I am reassured by their professionalism and can-do attitude, along with their timely response to my personnel needs. I appreciate their support each and every time I am in need of Diving personnel for my jobs.

Area Manager
International Diving Company

Thanks for always finding work for us to support ourselves and families, especially in these times.

Matthew F.

I am always amazed at the CLS Team. They respond within minutes to any personnel requests that I email out. Even when I email the requests out at 10:30pm, I can count on someone to respond and support my vessel needs. The CLS Team is truly on the hook for me as a client 24/7.

Client HR Business Partner

I have mates covered. I am only needing the engineer. You guys rock by the way!

Operations Coordinator
Energy Company

You’ve been nothing but spectacular when dealing with everything. So I thank you tremendously for that.

Dive Tender
Maritime Client

I have to tell you that almost every body in your office was sincerely trying their best to help me in this regard, and I am so grateful to all of you.

Trip Captain
Maritime Client