Wind and solar jobs are rapidly outpacing jobs in oil and coal. And while they are both significant industries, renewable energy jobs are becoming a bigger and bigger source of employment. In fact, the Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI) reports more than 3 million people are employed in the energy and energy efficiency sectors. If you are considering expanding your career or entering the renewable energy industry, read to learn more about clean energy jobs in your field!

What is Renewable Energy?

In short, renewable energy is defined as a fuel source that can be restored, or restores itself, over a short period of time. Unlike fossil fuels, these resources do not diminish. The longevity of these resources is one of the key factors behind the high employment rate. Renewable energy resources include:

  • Solar
  • Geothermal
  • Wind
  • Hydroelectricity
  • Biomass

These types of energy do not produce greenhouse emissions and reduce some varieties of air pollution. They have also created economic development opportunities, as well as a surplus of renewable energy jobs.

What Are Some Benefits of Clean and Renewable Energy Jobs?

The clean energy industry is a rapidly growing field and there are plenty of jobs available. There are also a few important benefits to consider during your next job search:

  • Clean energy jobs are not limited to certain states and are available across the country
  • These jobs statistically offer higher wages (see below)
  • Renewable energy jobs offer a variety of entry-level positions for those who want to get their feet in the door

What is the Running Clean Energy Salary Rate?

As one of the major United States employers, the renewable energy industry has become one of the top high-wage employment options for workers searching for solar, wind, and clean energy jobs. While each salary varies depending on location, job type, and experience, renewable energy jobs typically pay more than their counterparts. According to E2, clean energy jobs can pay up to 25% more than the national median. Specifically, these jobs pay substantially more than sectors such as recreation and accommodations, retail, and other entry-level customer service jobs.

What are the Best Career Options?

If you are considering a career in renewable energy, the following jobs are some of the most likely positions to get your foot in the door!

  • The demand for green engineers has skyrocketed in recent years. Engineering is a flexible position, and those working as renewable energy engineers can work in nearly any sector.
  • Contractor jobs are in high demand in the renewable energy industry. Contractors can provide anything from insulation to specialty windows to solar panel installation.
  • Energy sources such as wind turbines require modern, safe wiring. Specialty electricians can assist engineers in powering residential and industrial buildings using renewable energy.
  • Architect and Designer. Landscapers, designers, and architects contribute to the industry by creating viable, environmentally friendly spaces.
  • Renewable energy jobs require experienced technicians to maintain and operate the equipment.

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