Receptionist Jobs

Receptionist jobs are open today as companies gear up for face-to-face business interaction. As the face of the business, receptionists take the role of answering phone calls or welcoming people into the building in a friendly but polite manner. The successful applicant should be able to warmly welcome visitors and provide answers to any questions they may have. At the very least, receptionists should be able to direct questions toward the people who can properly extend the necessary help.

Receptionists must also maintain an accurate record of any guest entering the premises. Calls received and messages left are part of the receptionist’s responsibilities. Receptionists are also expected to take on the following roles:

receptionist jobs
  • Taking inventory of company supplies and restocking when needed.
  • Maintaining an accurate record of calls.
  • Making sure that any messages left will reach their intended recipients.
  • Maintaining the office filing system through orderly approaches for the easy location of important files.
  • Operating general office equipment, including the copy machine and the fax machine.
  • Updating databases and maintaining records.
  • Receiving deliveries and making sure that they are sent to their intended target.
  • Receiving correspondence intended for the business in general.
  • Maintaining the reception area and other common areas where clients and employees are most likely to congregate.

The successful applicant for the receptionist job should at least have a high school diploma or a general education degree. They should be capable in Microsoft Office with strong phone skills and the ability to properly communicate with clients. Strong communication skills in both written and verbal form are a must. Receptionists may be required to multitask and prioritize company needs without extensive guidance. This means that the hired receptionist should have the ability to self-manage and make decisions based on changing circumstances. As the first person seen by customers when they walk into the office, receptionists should have a proven record of punctuality and attendance.