Featuring: Resume Tips from Experienced Recruiters

Have your found yourself searching for “jobs near me” online recently? Whether you are an entry level candidate or an experienced professional, you may find your way to a job search website. Many jobseekers utilize sites such as Indeed, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, and other job boards to search for job openings.  While uploading a resume can be easy, the work is just beginning. These sites do not necessarily guarantee you will find the right job for you. 

Improve Your Chances of Landing a New Job

What many people searching for jobs don’t realize is that these nationwide job websites utilize bots. In fact, at least 70 percent of resumes are evaluated by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).  This results in approximately 50 percent of the online job applications being rejected before they are reviewed by a human. Whether or not you are a qualified candidate, in most instances a computer is making that decision.

Recruiter Response in One Business Day

Staffing agency, Complete Logistical Services (CLS) assures employers and job seekers that every resume or application is reviewed by an experienced CLS recruiter.  Moreover, when you submit a resume to CLS, an applicant will hear back from a recruiter in one business day or less. There are also numerous other benefits to using CLS in your job search including the following:

  • Our applicants pay absolutely nothing! We will help your find a new job for free.
  • Our team of recruiters are excellent at their jobs-finding the perfect job for you.
  • Our team works one-on-one with you to discuss your skills/experience and education.
  • You only go through our onboarding process once versus reapplying multiple times on a job board.
  • We present you directly to the Hiring Managers, so your resume is not overlooked.
  • We assist you in polishing your resume to highlight your skills and experience.

To help applicants navigate the job search, some of our expert recruiters have answered common questions about resumes. Meet CLS recruiters Linsey, Britney, Claire, and Jessica:

Question: How much does it cost an applicant to use a staffing agency?

At CLS, applicants pay absolutely nothing! When you submit your resume to our staffing agency, you are escalating your job search. You will be immediately assigned to a designated recruiter who will help you identify the best job opportunities available.

Question: What catches your eye first when you come across a resume?

Linsey: I like to see job stability on a resume. I view how often a person may job hop. Before I submit the candidate to a client for review, I will check the references.

Britney: I pay attention to the applicant’s skill set. It’s important to briefly outline your skills.

Claire: Your resume should be clean and polished. Avoid misspellings and use proper grammar.

Question:  How long should my resume be?

All the recruiters agree that your resume should be no more than 2 pages.

Question:  What are some resume red flags?

Britney: Job hopping is a red flag.

Claire: Gaps in employment without explanation will catch my attention.

Jessica: Repetitive verbatim responsibilities listed for every job is problematic. Make sure you highlight the unique responsibilities for each position listed on your resume.

Question: When it comes to your resume, how important is the design?

All the recruiters agree that they prefer resumes that are plain and not overly creative. The design can get in the way of the resume content. If you submit an artistic resume to an ATS, it will have a higher chance of being rejected.

Question: What skills should I list on my resume?

Be specific when listing skills. Make sure you identify your certifications, as well as focus on the type of equipment or software you are skilled in.

Question: How should I list my work experience?

We prefer that you list your work experience chronologically.

Question: I don’t have a lot of experience in the field in which I am applying. What can I do to make myself more attractive to hiring managers?

Claire: Use the objective statement to state why you would be a good fit in that field.

Jessica: Have a conversation with your recruiter and discuss your employment goals. You will receive a list of openings that you are qualified for.

Question: What are some things people often forget to include on their resume?

Britney: Work history. Some applicants will take off certain things when applying for a particular job.

Claire:  Don’t forget to update your resume with your present job and dates of employment.

Question: What should people leave off their resume?

Linsey: Avoid adding pictures and your life story on your resume. Keep it professional.

Question: Do I need an objective section?

All the recruiters agree that the objective section is a good element on your resume, but only if used properly. Make sure it is relevant and grammatically correct.

Question: How can I make my resume stand out from the crowd?

Claire: Pay attention to the details of the job post. You should emphasize job titles for previous work history, as well as list key skills and programs that are relevant to the position.

Britney: Be careful, as verbiage can make you stand out in a negative way. Choose your words wisely.

Question: What words of advice can you give to someone who is looking for a job?

Linsey: If you don’t qualify for a specific position or were not hired the first time, let the recruiter work for you over time. It’s good to follow up with your recruiter weekly.

Claire: Staffing firms have multiple types of positions – temporary, temp to hire, and direct hire. It is free to use CLS to find a position that is right for you. All you need to do is submit your resume and we will get to work for you.

Britney: Reflect on your skill set and see what jobs really spark your interest. You should be happy in your job. Keep your options open.

Jessica: Think outside the box.

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