The demands in the labor market are constantly evolving. At present, job-seekers — in particular, fresh graduates — are having a hard time finding a career that they can thrive in. Likewise, companies are finding it a challenge to find candidates that fit their business, especially since there’s currently a shortage of facilities and maintenance professionals.

With a lot of discrepancies between these two parties, both jobseekers and employers are constantly looking for platforms that can make their search more efficient and provide the best solutions to their problems.

Luckily, this is where Complete Logistical Services comes into play.


Complete Logistical Services Staffing Agency

Complete Logistical Service (CLS) is a staffing agency with locations in New Orleans and Lafayette, Louisiana, that can provide job opportunities for fresh graduates as well as talent pool access for employers. This employment agency specializes in numerous trades, providing openings in multiple entry-level jobs, executive level jobs, plant jobs, maritime jobs, merchant marine jobs, welding jobs, construction jobs, technician jobs, industrial jobs, plumber jobs, QMED jobs, IT jobs, and many more.

The primary purpose of this New Orleans staffing agency is to connect employers to the right job seekers and vice versa. To do so, the company stands behind their campaign – Get to Work Fast!  Simply, job seekers apply for a listed job or upload their resume and get a rapid response from the recruiter – one business day or less.

The best part is there are no strings attached. Applicants don’t need to pay but are guaranteed a response — real responses from real recruiters. They have an easier time applying for jobs and finding high-paying positions to jumpstart their career.


Benefits of Using CLS Staffing Services

More than finding the perfect job and the perfect candidate, using CLS offers many advantages to both the job seeker and the employer. To give you a better idea, below are some concrete ways you can benefit from a staffing agency.

Save Time

Numerous platforms allow you to find a job or a candidate. However, the main problem with most websites is that they don’t have additional features that make searching more efficient.

By partnering with a staffing agency like CLS, you can get immediate results in no time. If you’re looking for a job, you can get in touch with countless companies that fit your specialization. If you’re looking for talent, you can tap into potential candidates for your company. You don’t need to spend hours researching — CLS does the legwork for you.

Experience Flexibility

Another great benefit of utilizing CLS is having more flexibility. The site showcases job openings and available employees willing to work in full-time, part-time, contractual, temporary, or temp-to-hire positions. Having this broad range of options allows you to narrow down your search to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Enjoy Convenience

The traditional way of applying for jobs and obtaining new talent involves traveling to offices, conducting interviews, and waiting weeks to get results. While it worked in the past, it is no longer necessary and efficient in today’s context

With CLS, you can apply for jobs and find new employees with more convenience. You can do all these and more in the comfort of your home or office. From start to finish, everything happens online. You don’t even need to wait for more than one business day to get responses.

Match With the Perfect Talent or Company

While you may be given countless job openings and people-for-hire at other job sites, there’s no doubt that going through long lists can be quite overwhelming. Not only will you end up spending hours — if not days — narrowing down your search, but at the end of the whole ordeal, you may not even find one that matches your requirements.

By using CLS, you can instantly match your company to an ideal talent if you’re a recruiter. And if you’re a job seeker, you can immediately match your skills to the right company. By assessing each of your criteria and qualifications, CLS can streamline the process to give you the best options available.


In-demand and High-paying Trade Jobs in Louisiana

Whether you’re a recruiter or a job seeker, it pays to know what’s currently in demand so you can obtain the necessary skills to fit the bill or tailor your offerings to target the right audience. In Louisiana, here are seven of the most sought-after careers you can study in trade school.


1. Construction Careers

With a booming tourism trade and real estate market, Louisiana provides the perfect destination for commercial and civil construction. In recent years the state has also experienced multiple hurricanes accelerating reconstruction and coastal protection projects. Employers are looking for construction laborers, project managers, and more.

Whether you are new to the filed or if you’re someone who has skills and experience, this may be the career path for you.


2. Electrician Careers

Homes, commercial buildings, and industrial spaces all require electrical elements to operate properly. Electrical jobs like electricians and electrical engineers are always in high demand.

The main role of an electrician is to install and maintain electrical systems. They can work based on a pre-drafted plan or create a plan from scratch. In addition, they also inspect a property to plot what, where, and how an electrical system can be installed. Should there be any concerns, they also have the responsibility to provide suggestions and make improvements to avoid accidents.


3. Plumbing Careers

Commercial properties and residential homes have major plumbing components. This trade involves a good amount of training. In Louisiana, there are multiple open positions for plumber apprentices to master plumbers.

The road to becoming a licensed plumber involves classroom training and apprenticeships. Class training can be obtained at a local trade school or apprenticeship school.  Apprenticeships involve working a minimum of 4 years or approximately 8,000 hours under a journeyman plumber.  An individual must work a minimum of 5 years as a licensed journeyman plumber before qualifying to take the Master Plumber exam.

Journeyman plumbers are only permitted to do repair work in Louisiana. Whereas master plumbers are unrestricted in the type of plumbing work they can do.  Both plumbing license types are in high demand.


4. HVAC Careers

The sultry Louisiana weather keeps HVAC companies in high demand year-round.  There are several high paying positions and advancement opportunities in the HVAC field. Nearly every commercial building or home has some type of central air conditioning and heating unit.  Certified technicians are always needed to install, troubleshoot, and repair HVAC units.

Several local trade schools and community colleges in Louisiana offer technical diplomas for this industry, including certified HVAC technician and Master HVAC technician. It takes approximately 9 months to complete the certified HVAC technician program.  Additional training and years of experience will position you to earn the Master HVAC technician license.

There are constant technical and mechanical advances in the industry. It is important that a new technician work in the field and participate in continuing education.  HVAC technicians are in steady demand offering competitive wages and excellent job security.


5. Industrial Mechanic Careers

Plants, warehouses, and industrial facilities depend greatly on large machinery. But what happens when repairs or upgrades are need? This is where an industrial mechanic comes into play.

An industrial mechanic specializes in the maintenance and repair of heavy equipment. They often work in production lines or factory settings and perform calibrations to improve a machine’s efficiency.

Local trade school instruction, as well as hands on training will get you started in this demanding field.


6. Heavy Equipment Operator Careers

In industries like construction, manufacturing, and maritime, dealing with heavy machinery is a given. As such, companies need to find a heavy equipment operator who can manage these devices appropriately.

If this is what you specialize in, you can find heavy equipment operator jobs in multiple industries. Certifications and training for forklift operators, crane operators, and other heavy equipment lead to good paying jobs. Generally, these types of occupations require a lot of physical strength and technical knowledge.


7. Merchant Marine Careers

The shipping industry is extremely important to Louisiana’s economy. Multiple blue water and brown water careers opportunities are available.  Merchant Marine or Merchant Seaman jobs are plentiful from entry level to seasoned veterans.

Trade school training will vary depending on your career path. There are multiple mariner jobs from ordinary seaman to ship captains or masters. CLS has a dedicated team of maritime staffing professionals to match qualified personnel with companies in need of labor.


The Bottom Line

There are a lot of opportunities in Louisiana just waiting to be discovered. With this guide — and the help of CLS — you can either find a lucrative opening (if you’re a jobseeker) or an ideal candidate (if you’re an employer).

From temporary to permanent positions, start your search today and experience the benefits of this complete staffing solution.