Local Staffing Agency Aims to Simplify the Job Search Process for Applicants 

Complete Logistical Services (CLS), a local company that specializes in effective staffing solutions, announces the launch of its Get to Work Fast campaign. This program aims to expedite the hiring process to benefit candidates and companies alike. Applicants seeking permanent full-time, temporary, or part-time work will receive a response from a recruiter regarding the submitted resume within one business day. 

CLS Has Matched Thousands of Job Applicants with Quality Employers

Since its inception in 2010, CLS has matched thousands of job applicants with quality employers.  The company quickly grew into a top maritime staffing company known for its speedy, yet methodical job placements.  This successful business model has expanded into staffing services for all industries. 

According to CLS president, Angela Verdin, “Many of our job candidates found their way to CLS because they were tired of applying to multiple companies, job sites, and being ghosted by companies after interviews.”   

For this reason, CLS launched https://gettoworkfast.com, guaranteeing a recruiter response in 1 business day.  When an applicant applies for a listed job with CLS or submits a resume, the recruitment team immediately gets to work for that candidate.   

“We, at CLS understand that too much time can kill the deal,” added CLS founder and CEO Spencer Sens. 

Each Candidate is Partnered with a Recruiter

Each candidate is immediately partnered with a CLS recruiter at absolutely no cost to the job seeker. The recruiter will advise on and set up interviews for open positions that meet the candidate’s needs and experience.  Thereafter, feedback after every interview. If CLS does not have an immediate match, the recruiter will continue to communicate upcoming openings.  

Get to Work Fast eliminates job site bots, employer ghosting, and most of the time-consuming work put into a job search.  It also serves hiring companies, who need to fill positions quickly with quality personnel. 

“CLS has always been a firm believer in transparency. We value every job seeker who visits our site, and we always want to respond to their queries as quickly as we can. For us, it’s not a good practice to keep applicants waiting, so we work with clients that hold these same values,” stated Verdin. 

CLS understands how overwhelming it can be for job seekers to not receive updates about their applications. With the Get to Work Fast directive, candidates know exactly where they stand so they can focus on other opportunities if necessary. 

Get to Work Fast Benefits

Below are some of the benefits of using this platform over other job sites: 

  • One application: With some websites, candidates need to apply for different jobs separately. However, with Get to Work Fast, they only need to upload their resume once to seek an interview with relevant companies. 
  • Partner recruiter: CLS assigns a recruiter for every applicant, so every candidate gets the attention they deserve. Candidates are in touch with their personal recruiter in one business day.  
  • Genuine human interaction. No bots: The Get to Work Fast campaign guarantees legitimate exchanges with a local recruiter. Job seekers will never have to worry if their resumes have the right keywords to be recognized by a bot. 
  • No ghosting: CLS recruiters don’t only respond within one business day; they also address all requests. Every job seeker will get real-time updates on their applications. 
  • Multiple companies: One of the best advantages of this program is that it offers candidates a platform that connects them with different organizations. Even if they don’t apply for a particular position, they can request notifications for jobs that meet their skills and preferences. 
  • Various job types: Through the campaign, candidates can look for full-time, part-time, short-term, contract, temporary, and permanent positions. Entry-level to executive positions are staffed by CLS. 

Job hunting can be a tedious endeavor that leaves applicants feeling anxious, rejected, and pessimistic. One of the causes of these negative feelings is the uncertainty that every application brings. Fortunately, CLS offers a solution. 

Apply for Several Jobs with One Resume

With Get to Work Fast, candidates can apply for several jobs with one quick upload. Afterward, they work directly with an assigned recruiter who will send an update about their application within one business day. Plus, if they wish, applicants can also request notifications for relevant jobs organizations might post in the future. 

CLS is a staffing agency with locations in the Greater New Orleans area and Lafayette.  The company staffs positions in all industries, nationwide.  Currently, most openings are in Louisiana, Texas, Florida, Mississippi, and Alabama. There are hundreds of job openings listed on the website. 

Interested applicants may visit https://gettoworkfast.com/ to apply for an open position or upload a resume. For application concerns or other inquiries, call (504) 266-2994.