Did you know that, on average, companies lose about 18% of their workforce due to employee turnover every year? Of that 18%, two-thirds of employees leave voluntarily, but the other one-third, or 6%, leave because of terminations, layoffs, or other involuntary reasons.

The national employee turnover rate has been pushing 25% each year early this decade. To break this cycle, companies are targeting hiring practices for improvement.

That leaves them two choices: hiring on their own or getting a professional employment agency to take care of their hiring. Continue reading to see why direct hiring is not recommended and why searching for a “staffing agency near me” is.

Disadvantages of Direct Hiring

Many companies believe that filling a specific job post on their own is the most efficient and cost-effective option. However, many who have tried eventually come to realize that they’re biting off more than they can chew. Direct hiring requires more dedicated and redirected time and resources—such as, expert employees to actually do everything that needs to get done or the budget to get it done—than companies originally anticipate.

To give you a more specific idea, here are the disadvantages you might notice when you decide to hire on your own.

Direct Hiring Is Time-consuming and Costly

When you decide to hire new staff members on your own, you’re responsible for handling the task from start to finish. This means, besides just conducting the interview process, you also have to post the job description, promote the job opening on various platforms, screen applicants, perform background checks, and find the right candidate.

Doing this will take a lot of time and effort since you need to do some preliminary research.  For example, you need to know what platforms will help you reach the right market or what marketing strategies increase a specific job post’s visibility.

Once you identify potential job seekers, interview, make the final hiring decision, make the job offer, and then take care of the onboarding and training, you have spent a tremendous amount of time and money.

Meanwhile, you still have a business to run, more than likely, a business that is already short-handed. When you have to prioritize hiring, companies have to accept that there will be an impact on operations.

  • If you decide to put aside work, work is not getting done.
  • If you decide to delegate employees to delegate as a hiring and recruitment team, they will be unable to dedicate their same attention and energy to the job they were hired to do, and work will not get done.
  • If you have a backlog of work to make up, you will be unavailable for future work.

As decision maker, your choices about your hiring needs are crucial for how your company and employees will weather this impact operate productively.

No Access to an Applicant Pool When You Hire On Your Own

Another disadvantage to recruiting internally is not having access to a pool of qualified candidates. You may have a lot of applicants for other more popular or well-known positions. But chances are you’ll have a harder time finding job seekers for new roles, especially roles that require special skills.

An alternative is to post your job openings on popular job search platforms. Posting these ads may require you spend a lot of your budget for this task alone. Platforms like Indeed, which can charge you for every application you post, may help you promote your open positions, but are only one small part of finding qualified employees.  Read more on the pros and cons of job websites.

Not having access to an applicant pool can be highly stressful and problematic for your company.

No Trial Period When You Hire Directly

When hiring someone new, there’s no guarantee that they will work out for the long term. When hiring internally, you immediately hire a candidate for a permanent position for which they may not be eligible. Using a professional employment agency allows you to implement a true trial period.

A few weeks or months down the road, they or you may decide they’re not fit for the job and decide to part ways. This will leave you with a vacant position that you need to fill immediately, putting you back at square one.

Without a trial period, there’s a high possibility that all the time, effort, and money you have spent hiring a potential candidate will only go to waste. Staffing agencies like Complete Logistical Services offer placement guarantees. If the placement does not work out during a specific period of time, hiring managers work to find another qualified employee at no additional charge.

Advantages of Using a Professional Employment Agency

Instead of hiring internally and experiencing the disadvantages of direct hiring, a better option is to hire a staffing agency that can do the work for you. It’s time to search for “staffing agencies near me.”

When you use an employment agency, you will benefit from expert hiring managers who can assist in the recruitment, screening, interviewing, and negotiation processes. Take a look at some advantages of hiring a staffing agency.

A Staffing Agency Works for the Employer

When you hire a staffing agency, you gain access to a highly experienced hiring manager to assist you throughout the entire process. They will oversee all the responsibilities related to recruitment, including posting a job ad, screening potential candidates, doing background research, and taking care of the onboarding procedure. With a staffing agency at the helm, the company can concentrate on the company’s business.

Employment Agencies Have a Larger Database of Potential Applicants

One of the biggest advantages of getting agency staffing services is their access to a large and ever-growing database of potential applicants. An established staffing agency only attracts top-tier talents, with recruiters working around the clock to expand their networks. By also attending job fairs, they continuously expand their pool with new and upcoming applicants.

So, when you hire an experienced temp staffing agency, you don’t need to post a job with the slim hope of finding a competent employee. The employment agency will give you access to the best talents for your field.

Experienced Recruiters Handle All the Legwork

Recruitment agencies have well-seasoned recruiters who have had years of experience doing all the legwork. They understand the trends as well as changes in the market and know how to develop strategies that can help the company achieve its goals. They are there to do the heavy lifting while your business and its employees can continue to operate at peak performance.

Staffing Agencies Guarantee Candidate Placement

With their guidance, you have multiple options to test prospective candidates before putting them on your payroll. Whether you’re looking for a temp, contract, temp-to-direct hire, or direct hire, temp agencies and employment agencies find the best person for the job with no risks involved.

With Get to Work Fast, CLS has expedited the hiring process for candidates and companies alike. The application process has been streamlined to one quick upload and each applicant is partnered with a recruiter who contacts them about their application within one business day and stays in contact about jobs relevant to their job search.

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