Are you an employer looking to hire staff? It’s no secret that finding qualified employees is one of the biggest challenges businesses face today.

It’s not just a challenge for big businesses. Even small businesses are feeling the squeeze. Finding the right person is not easy in this labor market.

Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and LinkedIn are great tools that can help you promote your open positions to job seekers. But these job sites are only one part of the puzzle to finding qualified employees.

That’s where Complete Logistical Services (CLS) comes in! We are a Louisiana staffing agency serving businesses and jobseekers nationwide from our offices in New Orleans and Lafayette. We specialize in finding the right candidates for any industry at any professional level — from executives to blue-collar workers. With us, you won’t have to worry about sorting through hundreds of resumes or doing background checks.

Read on to learn more about how we can help you find the right person for your job.

The Limitations of Job Websites

Job websites like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and LinkedIn are great tools to promote open positions. But these job websites are limited when it comes to finding qualified employees for your open positions. Here’s how online job sites limit your company’s chances of finding the right person.

  • Overwhelming number of applicants: Indeed alone has over 300 million visitors every month. Yes, this number helps more people learn about your position and apply. But it also means you will be getting a huge number of applications. It’s up to you to sort through them all.

Many companies use applicant tracking system (ATS) software to ‘filter’ through the huge number of responses to job posts. The ATS program organizes applications by the priority assigned according to keywords put into the software. Most of the time, only about one-fourth of applications make it past these ‘robots’ or ‘bots’ to an actual human. Although the bots may save time, no one can estimate the potential talent lost in weeded out applications that human instinct would have recognized.

  • Lack of pre-screening, skills assessment, and background checks: Most job websites don’t provide any kind of pre-screening, skills assessment, and background checks. It takes time and labor to sort through hundreds of resumes, cover letters, and applications to find the right candidates. Choosing a candidate for interviewing doesn’t stop at just at picking the application. Verifying the information in the application by assessing skills, calling references, assessing skills, and performing background checks are all important parts of the screening process and can be quite timely.
  • Limited pool of candidates: Job websites are limited in who they reach. While they can be great tools to promote open positions, they may not reach the right labor market. For example, job seekers who are actively looking for new jobs and doing specific job searches are using job websites. You don’t want to miss those who may not be actively looking or may be looking in another place.
  • Limited post-interview data: Yes, most job websites will provide post-interview feedback from candidates. However, it usually isn’t complete enough to make informed hiring decisions. Without the right feedback, you’ll just have more interviews with the wrong applicants and possibly end up hiring the wrong person for the job.

Why Choosing a Staffing Agency Is a Good Move

Now that you understand the limitations of job websites, it’s time to look at how a staffing agency like CLS can help.


  • We use many sources — like job sites as well as social media and networking sites, job fairs, and existing contacts — to post jobs, and we explore our own professional networking resources and various other creative ways to cast a wide net to find the right job seekers. This helps your job post reach all of the right candidates, not just LinkedIn members or those searching other job websites.
  • Our team reviews applications and resumes to pre-screen for skills and experience. We then shortlist the best candidates for an initial interview. Unlike job sites that use bots in the screening process, we use experienced human recruiters.
  • Our recruiters maintain contact and follow-up with each applicant about the status of their application for your position.
  • We then conduct reference checks, background checks, drug testing, certification verification, and any other required screenings.
  • We also do the initial interviews with qualified applicants and provide employers with only the most qualified candidates to interview.
  • We are available for salary negotiations and other post-interview processes on behalf of the employer.
  • Lastly, our team guarantees placements, whether it is temporary, contract, or direct hire. If the placement doesn’t work out within a certain time, we will present new qualified applicants to the employer.

Employ Top Talent the Right Way

Finding the right talent for a job opening can be daunting. Don’t add the burdens of limiting your candidate search to job websites. At CLS, we provide employers with a better solution.

CLS provides a comprehensive service that includes pre-screening, post-application follow-up, initial interviews, reference checks, background checks, drug testing and any other required screenings, and certification verifications. Plus, we can help with post-interview tasks like salary negotiations on behalf of the employer.

We eliminate the time, stress, and hassle of application processes so employers can focus on what’s important — hiring top talent.

Ready to hire? Let your trusted employment agency help you find qualified candidates the right way! Contact CLS today and learn how we match your job openings with the best applicants!